Friday, April 10, 2009

My Easter weekend

Why is it every time there is a long weekend we start ridiculously enormous projects around the house? This weekend it was putting in hardwood floor in the living room. Seems somewhat simple enough right? Wrong! We have a 55 gallon aquarium in the living room that was built into the wall, and goes down to the floor. So the tank had to be removed so the whole floor could be done, in that tank lives my oscar, Turk who is over a foot long.

Now in another room we have two 45 gallon aquariums on a stand, one is empty but the other held a few small fish and a large Pleco named "Sucka" who also is over a foot long

So I found a small 10 gallon aqaurium and set it up in my sons room and put all the small fish in there. Then we decided to put Turk and Sucka together in 1 tank. Now seeing how the 55 gallon one is the biggest that is the one we chose. Small problem it was built into the wall on it's own stand, and the stands holding the 45 gallon tanks was not big enough. hmmmmm. So I went out today( did I mention that I am deathly ill, yes my throat feels like there are little demons inside it all with little razor blades for fingers and they are all simultaneously scratching my throat trying to tear their way out) And no I am not being dramatic, it freaking hurts people. I got a sore throat on Tuesday, by Wednesday I had completely lost my voice, which if any of you out there are parents, which most of you are, you know that sucks!! How the hell do you yell at your husband and children. Seriously when I talk this squeaky scratchy sound comes out. Ok where the hell was I going with this?????
Right, I went out to get an aquarium stand, then my husband gives me a hundred other things to get at Walfart while I am there. grrrrrr. So Of course Walfart is infested with people trying to save a buck and grab all the "Easter bunny" shit 2 days before Easter. They have no aquarium stands that big. of course not! So it's off to petland after I body checked and verbally abused my way through the store(did I mention I hate Walmart?) I headed off to Pet land to pay $300 for a fish stand!
So I get back home, with happy children, bought them a Wii game for Easter because their Gramma had already bought them some chocolate. Have you ever tried to remove ginormous fish from a tank...not so easy. We have this double sided garbage can, one side is for garbage the other recycling, that is the only thing big enough we could find to contain these beasts. So after 5 hours of draining water,cleaning filters,rocks,ect they were ready for their new home! Hopefully they don't tear each other to shreds. I'll post a picture of their new tank soon. Now it's back to the living room floor(have pics when it's done) and I also have to paint all the bedrooms.......


jerlyn said...

get your ass up to Emerg. u've
probably got strep throat, you
need antibiotics! Don't make
me come in there and smack you!

I wish I had a 10th of the energy
both of u have. Excited to see
the new floors!

ModernMom said...

Wow! Good luck to you. Sounds like an enormous task!

Bridgeburners said...

Hey, if you're painting already...

Chris said...

I can't believe you said "somewhat simple enough right?" Heck no woman!!

We use to have huge oscars. I would sit and watch them for hours.

...The Obnoxious SAHM.... said...

wowzers - your ambition is contagious here!