Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fish Floors and bleeding Knees

Ok, so I am finding it really hard to blog every day, now that I am working 5 days a week. Then when I sit down in front of my computer I suffer from brain farts(that's where any thought or idea just releases leaving me with nothing!)
Well the floor is finally finished, it looks amazing the only problem is I don't have new furniture to put in there, and I am not entirely happy with the stuff I have, so until I can find a slip cover I like for my furniture it remains empty....pretty, but empty

On to sadder topics, we merged our 2 55 gallon aquariums into one, so now the sucker fish and the oscar live together, so far they are happy. Now we set up an aquarium with all the smaller fish (who whould have been turks snack) in our sons room. Only problem is one of those fish is a nasty stinky mutant growing goldfish. Which ate 2 of my kids fish. So we put him in with the big far he has survived!

Lastly my bleeding knee. about 18 months ago I had knee surgery after a sist ruptured in my knee, during this time It felt like cold water was dripping down my leg....not so pleasant, the Dr informed me that feeling was bleeding inside my leg. because of our lovely medical system it would have been 6 months to see the specialist and 6 months after that for surgery. So after handing them over almost $3000 I was booked the next week. Yada, Yada, Yada. Skip ahead to yesterday, I was just starting an 8 hour shift when I noticed my knee was starting to hurt. Then I got that damn icy water feeling again. So my shift last night sucked, now tonight I have another 8 hour shift and it looks like there is an orange size lump developing over my knee cap....sympathy...hell ya!!!! sniff, sniff.

One last note 2 conversations with my children

First while watching the Play offs (Go Vancouver!!!) with my daughter a player from St Louis was given a penalty
Mik: what just happened?
Me: He got a penalty for hitting one of our players
Mik: If he tries to hit another one of our guys I am going to march down there and kick him in the crotch!
Me: that's my girl

The next conversation is with my 9 year old son, I had just picked him up from his friends( a child with no parental limitations I am learning)
Dakoda: Oh I guess I can tell you what we were playing at the park cause you won't be scared, but Mikayla would be
Me: what?
Dakoda: We were pretending we had chainsaws and were ripping up zombies backs
Me: nice. please don't ever repeat that to your sister
Dakoda: And we were playing pretend Grand Theft Auto....but with out the sexual content
Me: You need to shut up now because I don't even know how to respond to that!!!


Mama Dawg said...

Nice floors. Sucks on the knee.

Paula said...

The floors are gorgeous! Sorry about your knee.

Not sure I would know how to respond to that last bit with Dakoda either. lol

steenky bee said...

Can I please come over at eat off of your beautiful floors? Can I also wear slippery socks and then just glide? My husband's a rug on top of a hardwood floor guy, so I can't do that here.

As an aside, thanks so much for throwing your support behind me over at Sego Lily! I saw your comment over there! Thanks again.

ModernMom said...

Beautiful floors!
Ohh Sorry about the knee.
No Parental limitations (lol) love that!

Captain Dumbass said...

Holy shit! Your floors are amazing! Please come and do mine. Well, you're gimpy so maybe just Craig.

Cheryl . Lee said...

Your floor looks gorgeous!! I can't wait to see the finished product!!!
Silly girl... move your couches back in there so you have somewhere to sit and admire the floor! Couch covers will take a few weeks to come in (if you ordered them) ... silly, silly!! No excuses... just DO IT!!!!
(That's my attempt to be bossy to you)
Take it easy this weekend, and hopefully your knee gets better sooner than later!!

<3 your boring, creepy blogger stalker friend :)

jerlyn said...

I'm sorry about your knee, keep
pounding Specialist to get u in
Living room looks amazing, even
when empty.

The kids comments, does the fact that they have to go through the
teen years scared the crap out of
you? Hmmn, guess I need to watch Grand Theft Auto to see where the
sex is.
Sometimes being a Nana is much
easier than being a Mom.