Friday, April 17, 2009

1st Friday Lateral thinking challange!!

So I did a blog about these lateral thinking puzzles my son got for Christmas last year, little riddles that you have to figure out the anwsers to. Now some of them are boring, but some are oddly inappropriate for a 9 year least I think. So what better place to share them, than on my blog!! I did think about this around Christmas time, but back then I only had 2 followers Mama Dawg and my Brother Captain Dumbass!! So now I will share them with you! I will post them on Friday then give you the answer on Monday morning. So get your brains ready, and be creative these things are twisted, so no matter what your thinking it could be right!

If you can't read it, here is what it says
Charlie was always told by his parents never to open the door of the cellar under any conditions or he would see all sorts of things he wasn't supposed to see. One day, Charlie heard his parents leave the house. Knowing the cellar door to be unlocked he couldn't resist opening it out of curiosity.
What did he see?


jerlyn said...

how about "all sorts of things he
didn't want to see?"

Damn, now that's going to be on my
mind all weekend. Is there a prize?
you're catching up to Cpt. Dumbass

Captain Dumbass said... what?

How about he saw the actual owner of the house whom mommy and daddy keep locked in the cellar because they've stolen his identity and they need him alive to sign cheques and apply for things.

Cheryl . Lee said...

I'm still waiting for the answer. You know what... you are a brain teaser.