Friday, April 3, 2009

I feel like a part of me has died........sniff sniff

Yesterday while I was working on my blog, and I was using a video program to edit my video, my computer froze. No prob I thought, I just rebooted it......hmmmm still not working, little bit of panic setting in. It was only 9am, my husband (the tech guy) wouldn't be home til 5. That's ok, I can go the day without my laptop. So that night when I got home from work around 8:30pm, I ran into the house with hopeful thoughts.
Me: Did you fix my baby?
Hubby: Hmm no can't figure out what's wrong
Me: I don't understand, what's the matter with her????
Hubby: Dunno (obviously he is not as attached to the laptop as I am)
Me: When will you know?????
Hubby : Dunno
Me: What about all my stuff on there?
Hubby: AGAIN DUNNO!!!!!
At this point I am trying to keep some sort of composure because my son is still awake and looking at me like I am a little crazy.
Me: But It's Thursday night! I need to download my shows. And what about my pictures and videos and and and....*small sobs*
Hubby: Use the main computer
Me *stomping my foot like a 5 year old* I don't like that stupid computer
Hubby is now trying his hardest to ignore me.
So at this point I realize that I am not going to have my laptop this evening, but I really want to watch the last episode of ER. So I unhappily sulk my way into the TV room, and sit my self on the couch. Now since we don't watch TV in there anymore the dog has taken over the room.
Montana(my dog): What are you doing here?
Me: My stupid laptop is broken and it's stupid and now I have to watch stupid TV in here.
Montana: settle down lady, you can't watch TV on your tiny laptop so you have to watch it on the flat screen TV you bought right before you decided to not watch Cable
ME: Shut up or your going outside
Montana: I'm just saying........
Me: I hate stupid Cable, with it's stupid commercials and this couch sucks
Montana: Whatever it works for me. So what are we watching?
Me: The last episode of ER
Montana: That show is still on? I stopped watching it when they killed off Dr. Green, eh whatever.
Me: Move over you can't have the whole couch
Montana: sigh.........


Cheryl . Lee said...

Oh, boo hoo!! Nice sad face!!
Honestly, I never understood how you could watch all your shows on that small screen!! And, so, what did you think of the last ER?? I feel like I've lost a there should be a "next week on ER"... and there is no more...sob sob!!!!

Cheryl . Lee said...

I actually didn't mean for that comment to sound as mean as it does.. I am sorry to hear of the loss of your laptop. And, I fully understand how hard it is to understand when they 'dunno'. That word is beyond my comprehension. I guess I can understand not wanting to share the couch with the dog...but seriously...that's a big tv u have in there.

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

aw, you poor thing! I would be lost without my laptop too. I never use the desktop anymore.

I hope it's fixed soon!

tiffany said...

Noooo! That totally stinks!
Keeping my fingers crossed that you get it back A.S.A.P.!!!!

jerlyn said...

i understand completly! And what the use of having a Genius in the
family if he can't fix things
immediately. I mean he could
have rushed home on his lunch break, got your baby back and healthy, then raced back to work,
so he missed a meal, there'll
be more tomorrow.

Maybe it was better you got to watch the last of ER on a BIG
screen, makes it more a special
event. least Montana
was willing to share his couch with you. He was probably thinking
she thinks this couch is crap, but
for me it's ok?
I hope your baby is back and the
house is back to normal.

Mama Dawg said...

Love, love, love the doggie/you dialogue.

steenky bee said...

Did you try the combination of holding your breath AND plugging your ears AND stopping. I notice that gets me more of what I want when I throw all three down at once.

As an aside, just because I'm so proud of myself, I must tell you what I said about Dumbass' comment over at Clark Kent's today:

The Captain: Dude how did my sister beat me here?
Me: That's what she said. (actually, I sent that in an email to Chad. I didn't dare put it on the comment board like I'm doing here. What's wrong with me? Why haven't I followed you yet?)

Maggie May said...

Aww! Just fyi they have a 'picture retrieval program' or some such computer speak that we used when ours crashed.

Chris said...

OH! Okay. I see now. With an attitude like that, I now understand why Montana wasn't allowed to play with the kids (on the video) Good call! Bad doggy.

See. Give them a cushion and they'll take the whole couch.