Monday, August 24, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts, and of course photos


It's been awhile since I wrote, I haven't even been able to read anyone's blogs in awhile. I went on my last camping trip of the season, it was great other than the wasps,wind,minor injuries(sunburns,wasp stings,slivers and falls) Why does it seem to be so much work to go relax in the woods for a few days? The amount of packing, shopping, traveling and $$ involved, seems crazy!!!
My big brother, Not Dumbass but the other one just passed the 3rd part of his testing to become a police officer, very cool!
Speaking of big brother, man I love that show. I love how people put on a facade at first and try to be somebody there not, then after weeks of isolation and stress then their true colours show!(STOP TELLING ME MY CANADIAN SPELLING IS WRONG!!!!IT REALLY PISSES ME OFF) Sorry, just annoys the hell out of me COLOUR has a U!!!!! Where was I going???????
It's 2 more weeks til my friends wedding(where I am photographer/Bridesmaid) I am so glad I ran off into the Rocky Mountains and got married on the side of a mountain in my jeans, wedding's are freaking STRESSFUL!!!!
Only 15 more days til my kids are back in school, seems like summer went by way to fast.
Wanna know something else I find annoying? Well even if you don't I am telling you anyways, it's my freaking blog and I can do what I want!!!! Sorry about the hostility but I am tired, and that is where I am going with this. Every night my husband says "I'm off to bed, goodnight" and he goes and brushes his teeth then hops into bed. When I want to go to bed, here's how it goes
First I shut down my laptop(Cause that's usually where I end the night)
Next I go make sure all the doors are locked, then I check to see if the cat has food and notice that the litter box needs to be cleaned, then because I fed the cat the dog is sitting by the pantry waiting for a treat! Then I have to feed my beast of a fish. After that I walk through the kitchen and notice that there are some dishes that should probably go in the dishwasher, and then the counter needs to be cleaned, after that I head downstairs to give my son a kiss goodnight(even though he has been asleep for hours) It's just something I do, then I do the same with my daughter, after that I head to the bathroom to brush,floss,wash my face and then head to bed!!!!!! sigh, well that was more than enough rambling for today, wow! If I were at the shrink that would have cost me like $300 so thanks for saving me some money ;) I leave you with some photo's.
Have a great day everyone! Remember to head over to Keely's and join in on the Random Tuesday Madness

I forgot to focus my camera so It wasn't as good as I was hoping for, but oh well what can you do?

My daughter and I chillin on the beach!

My daughter and her bud!

My son and his bud!


Missy said...

Looks like the kids had a good time. Your nightly routine sounds a lot like mine. While my hubby also just, goes to bed!


Swoozie said...

Amazing amazing amazing....those men are just so damn amazing sometimes! When I say "I'm going to bed it really means I'll be there in 45 minutes to an hour's time. When Hubby says he's going to bed.....Boom, he's in bed in 11 seconds flat. No Lie.

Looks like a great get-away was had by everyone----nice pics!

Captain Dumbass said...

Meh, whatever. Zzzzzz....

otin said...

I can totally relate to the having to shut everything off and close up shop! Some people convienently like to go to bed early!

surprised mom said...

My idea of roughing it is a cold shower in the Holiday Inn. Sorry, I'm just not an outdoorsy type of girl. Please don't hold it against me.
Congrats to your brother! (Not Captain Dumbass who seems to leave rude comments on your blogs. LOL)
I do like the beach and the water and it looks like your kids had a great time. The photos are wonderful!
Hubby and I take turns being the one to say, "I'm going to bed now" and just heading upstairs to climb into dreamland. It looks like I'll be the one checking windows and doors tonight.
You spell colour, I spell color, but who cares . . . except the one time a teacher marked it incorrect on a spelling test when I spelled it your way. That wasn't fair. I spelled it correctly . . .