Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Yearbook yourself

I don't know if you have heard of this site, but man it's funny! It's called Yearbook Yourself 2009 So here are my beauty shots, go try it, I would love to see other peoples!!!!

Here's me looking fine in 1952!!!!

1954 when I joined the marching band!

1960, when I got me some sexy glasses...

1964 my hair took over....it was a scary time

1970, not so bad.....

Then a bad perm ruined it all in 78'

1982...well I should have stayed home on picture day!

1986 I joined a band!!! I know what your thinking.....hot!

1992, the year I discovered hairspray and blow dryers. What's actually really scary is I looked at my grade 9 photo in 92, and I almost have the exact hair style...freaky

And finally the year 2000, where my forehead seems to turn into a 5 head!!!


Beth said...

Hilarious! And I was looking for another time waster. Fabulous!

Captain Dumbass said...


Melanie D said...

do u suffer from Multiple Personality Disorder now?

otin said...

So as I see it, you were pretty damned hot in 1970 and 2000! You age well! LOL

surprised mom said...

I have to go and look at that site!
The photos did make me smile, but don't we all have pictures and hairdos that we'd rather forget about?