Monday, August 17, 2009

Random Tuesday thoughts, I'm cheating to share dinks with everyone


So I am going to cheat a little this week, I am going to send you to my last post, because I feel it didn't get enough attention!!!! After all the work I did creating all those dinks, well hey, they need some more views, and what better way to share them than RTT.

In case your new and your thinking, Dinks? What the hell is this crazy woman talking about, well I am a bridesmaid in a wedding coming soon, and I got to throw the bachelorette party!!! My theme was chicks N Dicks. anything I could find to turn into a dink.......well you'll see.

Make sure to head over to Keely's and read more RTT, which may or may not be about dinks!


storyteller said...

Now THAT's a great idea! Sometimes I create and share what I consider to be nifty posts and hardly anyone drops by. Recycling (or redirecting) attention makes sense!
Hugs and blessings,

jerlyn said...

where the hell is everyone, works
of art u have created!

otin said...

You gonna make me stare at dicks two days in a row!!??! LMAO!

Captain Dumbass said...

What? I've got my own, I'm not looking at those again!

surprised mom said...

Wow! Now that's creativity at it's best! What a great send off for the bride! Showers were a bit quieter for the sisters and I. Too bad. We'd have a blast with your penis theme.
I have to admit, the ice sculpture gave me a start. And wow, can you imagine if guys were all that well endowed? Who was your model for all those penis creations?