Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday Again DAMMIT!!!!!!!


Damn.WTF, Every freaking time I turn around it's Tuesday. Seriously where the hell are the weeks going. I just got home from work, and it's 12:30 am....Tuesday morning. So I thought I would check blogger before I went to bed and sure enough I see my brothers already got his RTT up. Damn, I've got nothing!!!!!I already posted my camping pictures, then again in Black and White, so now what?
This is possibly the busiest summer I can remember, I have not had a free day yet. Between camping,work,kids,company,renovations(hoping to sell the house within the next 2 months)and throw a bridal shower, bachelorette party and wedding in there, well the summer is done.
I am a bridesmaid/photographer(I know, right!) in a wedding coming up in September, one of the joys of being in a wedding is throwing the Bachelorette party!!! Oh yeah the one night girls can run around town carrying blowup dolls, and penis covered veils(oh ya I bought her that)So it is this Saturday, we are starting at my house with some Jello shooters, a Giant penis pinata, penis cake and of course, pin the junk on the hunk( Don't worry I will have some delightful pictures for you Sunday morning. So I leave with that, it's not alot but hey I just got home from work I am tired and want to go to bed, and I will be to busy tomorrow, oh wait today to post so I thought I would do it now. I leave you with a few more camping pics, cause hey I took 450 photo's on our last trip and you have only seen 10....do the math......later. go check out the Unmom for some more crazy randomness.

What can I say.....we like trains!


Otin said...

A penis Pinada? I am cringing at the thought! LOL!

Mama Dawg said...

Those are awesome pics!

Captain Dumbass said...

So you're selling the boxcar you live in? What do hobos use for money?

storyteller said...

Sounds like a party to remember! Love the train pics and agree ... Tuesdays come around way too quickly these days. I'm random today at Sacred Ruminations ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

kirsty815 said...

Why did I all of a sudden think of the movie The Omen when I looked at your train pics?? Remember the scene with the train. Yikes! Cute pics though!

Cole said...

I love the train pics! Thanks for stopping by :)

Casey said...

I love the train pictures and it sounds like you throw my kind of bachelorette party. Can I come too?

I'm "officially" representing Keely today...consider her represented.

Hit 40 said...

Penis cake and pinada? Your as great an influence on your kids as I Nice! The renovations are probably what is really keeping you busy. Painting takes forever and then you need to sit to recover from the paint fumes.

jerlyn said...

i wish i was going to be a fly on
the wall at that party. Reccomend
2 gravol and 2 anacin before dropping off to sleep.
Loved the train pictures.
Think you will need a long, long
rest after all this is over.
Doesn't Cpt Dumbass know you can
sell all the Wedding Sex Toys to
keep you hobos going?

Toni said...

Wow you're gonna be busy! Lovely photos. And you had me at the word penis.

Dana's Brain said...

Wow - I had no idea there was so much penis accoutrement! Nice work!

surprised mom said...

Great photos! I am a train person too. They're fascinating.