Sunday, August 9, 2009

more photos

Just a few pics, not much to say too busy with work, kids planning a Stag(this Saturday) company, more company, camping, wedding, more work........yada,yada,yada

Does anyone know how to put a facebook link on my blog? I have tried and can't seem to figure it out, I am still a little green on the whole blog thing! I see it on other peoples pages but I can't figure it out HELP!


ModernMom said...

Can't help with the facebook link! Sorry.
Wanted to say the falls photos are awesome!!

otin said...

I love your photography! I am not a facebook guy, I am on it but have no idea about it!

surprised mom said...

Fantastic photos! (Can I have an ice cream cone? Please!)
Sorry, can't help with the FB link. Still kind of a newbie myself.

jerlyn said...

love the pics, do you need someone to keep kiddies away from wild
and crazy stag?
Think facebook is scary, but then,
you know where that comes from. lol

Captain Dumbass said...

You figure out the facebook thing, let me know.

Oh, and nice pics.

*you suck*

Hit 40 said...

Beautiful waterfall pics!! Nice camera work